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Drop Ship

How the Program Works:

If a customer is traveling, but wants to purchase a Shotridge Art Print, place a drop shipping order by filling out our Drop Ship Customer Order Form. We will ship the print directly to the customer and send an email confirmation with the tracking information to both the customer and the store manager. This program removes much of the added expense of restocking prints, and when executed correctly, is a simple and easy way to turn a large profit. 



To qualify for this program, wholesalers are required to invest in an initial inventory minimum for their established storefront. Shotridge Studios will work with each wholesale account to establish an appropriate inventory set-up. This initial inventory should be kept as samples for the storefront for the drop ship program to work appropriately. If these samples are sold in the storefront, it is the responsibility of the wholesaler to re-order a product replacement. 


Each account will be required to provide credit card details at set-up for immediate processing by Shotridge Studios upon receipt of each individual drop shipment order. There will be no credit card processing fee added to each order.

Shotridge Studios will provide all necessary means to make this program successful, including a digital catalog, pricing, order forms, shipping & handling pricing, tracking information, customer communications and any other resource requested.


To get started, please contact Sue Shotridge at

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