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Shotridge Abalone/Paua/Black Onyx Earrings

There are 4 different earring styles in this collection. Each earring style includes one or more abalone/paua shell beads, black onyx and silver findings.

Lovebirds Jewelry

The Lovebirds design is very popular and represents the union of the Eagle and the Raven as one. Traditionally, a tribal member who is from the Eagle clan chooses to marry a member of the opposite clan, the Raven.

Each jewelry piece is a collaboration by Sue & Israel Shotridge. Sue designs and assembles the jewelry collection. The original Lovebird design was created by her husband, Israel Shotridge.


The Lovebirds are manufactured exclusively for THE SHOTRIDGE COLLECTION, available in sterling silver and Alchemia Gold, an alloy that resembles 18k gold. The collection is available in a variety of jewelry options with abalone, paua shell beads, black onyx and glass seed beads complimenting the Lovebirds. All Alchemia gold pieces include gold filled findings, beads and chains.

Kinaa Kinaa | Abalone/Paua Earrings

This earring collection is handmade by Kinaa Kinaa (Sue Shotridge).
There are 4 different main styles in this collection. Each pair of earrings includes one or more abalone/paua beads, black onyx beads and sterling silver findings. Prices vary according to the number of beads and shell sizes. Due to the nature of the abalone/paua shells no two are exactly alike.

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