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Shotridge Formline Face Masks

Introducing one of our newer lines of Shotridge Formline Face Masks!
Choose from 12 unique styles featuring the beautiful designs by Tlingit Artist Israel Shotridge.

Face Masks are sold intervals of 30 in each design, to introduce our Face Masks to your business.

Once established there is a minimum of 12 masks per design for reorders.

Shotridge Magnets

The Shotridge Collection offers acrylic cut-out magnets that are an extremely affordable souvenir option for places such as gift shops, aquariums, zoos, cultural centers and museums. These magnets depict 18 original Israel Shotridge formline designs that are a prominent feature in Pacific Northwest Coast art.

Shotridge Key Rings

These key rings are small tokens depicting Northwest Coast Art and make great gifts and souvenirs. Featuring 12 beautiful formline art designs by Israel Shotridge, our key rings are suitable for venues such  as airports, aquariums, cultural centers museums and giftshops. Name Drop is available at no charge, 45 minimum per design required.

Acrylic Holiday Tree Ornaments

Shotridge Acrylic Tree Ornaments make great Pacific Northwest Coast souvenirs and lovely holiday treasures. Backed with a reflective mirror, each ornament reflects festive holiday lights and adds holiday cheer to all seasonal occasions. These are perfect for venues such as airports, aquariums, cultural centers, museums and gift shops. Name dropping is available at no charge, 24 minimum per design required.

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